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Settings Screen

poultry show settings page screenshot

The settings page is used to enter customized settings for your show. It is important to include the basic information to get your show started correctly and to have your reports print correctly.

The fields for the exhibitor are explained below.

Once entered the exhibitors can be copied, year to year or edited as

Settings Fields
Field Length Description Example
Club Name Length Name of the Club
Appears on Reports Cards, etc...
ABC Poultry Club
Show Name Length Name of the Show
Appears on Reports Cards, etc...
ABC 2015 Spring Show
Show Date NA Beginning date of show
Appears on Page Headings YYYY-MM-DD
2033-01-01 is January 1, 2033
Show End Date NA End date of show
Used for user reference
2033-01-01 is January 1, 2033
From Email Address Length Main email address
Used as from & reply to one confirmations.
Confirmation Email NA Email body text
Additional message to all users sent with confirmation.
See sample confirmation below. Note *1
Lock Entries NA Locks all entries and forces data to read only.
Prevents unwanted changes to data.
Normally set to false, until show is completed. Can be locked or unlocked at any time.
Allow Trios NA Set to true if the show accepts trios. If trios were entered and this setting is set to false then the trios will be ignored. Normally set to false, (unchecked) for most shows.
Show Displays On Coop Tags NA Set to true if you want the "DISP" printed on the card. *2 See note below. Normally set to true, (checked) for most shows.
Setting only affects Coop Cards
Mixed Displays On Coop Tags NA When set to true, (checked) then the text "DISPLAY" will be sorted/printed within each group of Sex Type (CHKP then TRIO). When unchecked the DISPLAYS will be printed after the TRIOS Normally set to true, (checked) for most shows.
Setting only affects Coop Cards


Thank you for exhibiting at our example Show. If you are viewing this on a cell phone you may need to click on show quoted text to see the entire message. Only show entries are included in this confirmation.

Your entries are completed. Please review your contact information and entries below. If corrections are needed, contact us within 3 days of receiving this confirmation, but no later than Month Day, YEAR. Please keep a copy of this email for your records. Send any changes, by email to showsec@example.com

The show is located at the Show Facility, 12345 Show Street, 1234 Show Street, Show City, US 99999.

For more information visit us at example.com.


Displays can be printed on the coop cards, judging sheets, and other miscellaneous reports. By placing the "Display" on the coop card it allows the judge and others in the show hall an opportunity to recognize a breeder who has the stock to come up with the quantity of quality birds to create a display. The software determines whether a display exists based on the APA & ABA rules.