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Confirmation Screen

poultry show confirmations screenshot

The confirmation email is used to notify exhibitors that their entry has been received and is entered in the system. By send confirmations ahead of the show day it the exhibitor an opportunity to review what has been entered and make corrections if there were entry errors made during input of the data. Common errors include the data entry person or exhibitor not entering a color, size or variety that was intended to be entered. It also helps catch simple problems such as a wrong sex or size of bird or need for a double coop.

The confirmations also provide the exhibitor peace of mind that they entry has actually been received and gives them a checklist of the birds that they are bringing to the show.

The system allows for the confirmation to be in person, by phone, or by email. To make a confirmation, from the exhibits screen, choose "Send Confirmation". The confirmation screen will display. Choose whether to send by email or by phone.

Send By Email

To make a confirmation by email, from the confirmation screen, click on "Send Email Confirmation". When the confirmation screen displays click on email confirmation. The show manager will ask if you are sure; choose yes to send.

Notify Directly or By Phone

To make a confirmation directly contact the person, verify the information line by line. When finished click on "Mark Phone Confirmation". The show manager will ask if you are sure; choose yes to mark confirmed.