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Main Results Screen

poultry show exhibitors main screen

The main results screen is a complete list of breeds and varieties entered in the poultry show. It is an optional area of the program to use but will provide useful information while preparing show reports for the breed clubs. We recommend using this portion of the program to create a permanent electronic and printable record of your show.

The judging cards provide the information to enter into this list. The system is flexible enough to allow exhibits to change, but when a change occurs to the sex, age, or breed of an exhibit the actual entry needs to be changed on the exhibitors or exhibit screen. This prevents accidental changes while allow the show secretary the ability to change information when absolutely necessary.

The results screen will also notify you of simple errors such as entering a Reserve Variety as a Best Of Breed.It will allow the error entry to be entered, but will change the color and show a warning when entered incorrectly. It was important to allow this flexibility because the judging cards are not always perfectly filled out and there must be a place to account for this. The judging cards are the source of all of this information and it is very important to have clerks that are entering the information onto the card correctly.

We are developing a preliminary results screen that will allow the quick entry of Show & Breed winners rapidly for instant reports and award presentation.

Viewing, Entering & Editing Exhibitors

poultry show exhibitors entry page screenshot

poultry show exhibitors editing page screenshot

The results entry screen provides the necessary fields for entry of all placements, missing, and disqualified exhibits. With this information results reports and other census information can be reported to the show secretary.

To enter results, match the exhibitor ID and the Exhibit Id to the fields in the table. Click on Edit and enter the results. When finished, save the entry.

Rules of Fields & Judges Markings
Placing Field Name Placement Description Rule
Rank (Sex/Age) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ....
1 is first, 2 is second
There can be a 1 in each sex/age grouping ( Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet )
Variety BV = Best Variety
RV = Reserve Variety
For all sex age groups within the variety there can only be 1 BV and 1 RV. The BV must be a first place from rank. The RV must be a second place if in the same sex/age group, but must be a first place if in a different sex/age group.
Breed BB = Best of Breed
RB = Reserve of Breed
For all varieties of the Breed there can only be 1 BB and 1 RB. The BB must be a BV. The RB must be RV if it is the same variety, but can be a BV if in a different variety. The BB & RB of a recognized breed must be an APA or ABA recognized variety if the show is APA/ABA sanctioned show. A Non Recognized Breed may be placed as a BB or RB if the judge choses to do so, but is not eligible for higher sweepstakes placement according to the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association Standard.
Class BC = Best of Class
RC = Reserve of Class
Often listed Best Amer., Best AOCCL, Res AOCCL, etc...
For all breeds of the class there can only be 1 BC and 1 RC. The BC must be a BB. The RC must be RB if it is the same breed, but can be a BB if in a different breed.
Size BSize = Best of Size
RSize = Reserve of Class
Often listed Best LF, Best Bantam, Res Bantam, etc...
Sizes are B = Bantam, LF = Large Fowl, WF = Waterfowl. For all classes of the size there can only be 1 BSize and 1 RSize. The BSize must be a BC. The RSize must be RC if it is the same class, but can be a BC if in a different class.
Show BShow = Best of Show
RShow = Reserve of Show
For all sizes of the show there can only be 1 BShow and 1 RShow. The BShow must be a BSize. The RShow must be RSize if it is the same size, but can be a BSize if in a different size.