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How To

Setting Up The Show Hall

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Although the APA & ABA do not dictate all setup procedures there are some generally accepted standards that exhibitors expect and the APA endorses. Page 4 of the 2010 APA Standard advises that "ample ventilation, light and space be provided." The APA recommendeds that each entry should be cooped with it's class breed and variety as listed in the standard.

The APA & ABA also have recommendations listed with the show reports, so take the time to read them before the show has started. The Poultry Show Manager program will help with the order of the coops and place them in the order that they are listed in the standards.

Show Halls General Organization:

  • Large Fowl:
    • American
    • Asiatic
    • English
    • Mediterranean
    • Continental
    • All Other Standard Breeds
  • Bantam:
    The Game Bantam Class is normally not listed as its own class, but by the sub classes: Modern Game, Old English, American Game
    • Modern Game
    • Old English
    • American Game
    • Single Comb Clean Leg
    • Rose Comb Clean Leg
    • All Other Combs Clean Legged
    • Feather Legged
  • Waterfowl
    • Ducks
    • Geese
  • Turkeys
  • Guinea Fowl

If the show allows for Non Standard Breeds, then they can be placed after the Guinea Fowl or if Large Fowl after the AOSB class.

Non Standard Varieties are place after accepted varieties of the breed.