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Show Clerk & Judging Cards

poultry show judging card example

The judging card is the record of the show results. It is filled out by the clerk and records the judges placings of the exhibits. It is important that the clerks properly mark these sheets so the show may have accurate recording of the show for the APA, ABA and the individual breed groups.

During shows, judging cards are often completed differently by each clerk's style. Consistency is important, and makes the compilation of the results much easier of the show staff.

In the example card, the judging card was not filled out entirely, but the clerk did provide enough information to allow the Show Secretary to fill out the reports. The area circled in blue let the secretary know that both the Best of Breed and the Best of Variety were both hens. There were only 2 hens above so the Best of Breed had to be the Best Variety, and in this case the other hen was the Reserve of Variety, but not the Reserve of Breed which is on a different variety's card. The clerk also should have written in the count but it is clear that there were 5 actual shown, because there were 5 judged and placed.