Poultry & Pigeon Show Online Entry System


The Online Entry System application is designed specifically for poultry and pigeon shows. The application is used to collect show entries online. It is easily setup and can be used with any poultry or pigeon show. This software application remains on our site so setup is very simple. In most instances, your setup can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

The program allows for payments by checks or online payments. Registrations can be entered quickly and easily. It even helps the exhibitor make sure the entry is correct by checking for missing information. Exhibitors can make their entries, using their computer or any mobile device with a web browser and Internet access. When finished, the exhibitor can mail in a check, pay by credit card, or by using PayPal.

Adding the online entry system to your site is as simple as pasting the example code below into a web page of your choice and answering a few simple questions about your show. Prices, dates, names, etc... are all customized for your show.

See a working example.

Copy the code below to see the example on you own site.


    height='1250' width='850' 
    seamless frameborder='0' 

Try it now for free.

FREE for shows purchasing a Poultry Show Manager on before 12/31/2014

Purchase 1 Show Use: 24.99

Price includes 1 show, each additional show is $24.99.
Data is always available for viewing, even with expired subscription.

System Requirements

  • A computer, tablet, or other mobile device with Internet access.
  • Web Browser -- Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc...


  • Instant Access, No Download or Installation Necessary
  • Email delivery: Show Secretary and exhibitor get a copy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great For Exhibitors
    • Checks for missing information.
    • Instant confirmation.
    • Print or email copies
    • Can pay by check, PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards.
  • Show Secretary
    • Data from exhibitor is sent by email.
    • Easy to read entries.
    • Checks for basic entry errors.
    • Can be used to take entries over phone too.
    • Permanent emailed record of entry.
    • Allows entries right up to deadline.
    • More entries pay by debit and credit cards.
    • 5 minute setup
    • Customized to blend with you existing site.
  • Free Support
  • Free and Automatic updates -- No download necessary!
  • Online Help

poultry show online entry screen