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$24.95 Sub Domain* -- a year for larger site under our domain ""'

$120.00 Full Domain -- a year for full website space (dns registration included "")

Sub domain sites that are self maintained will include a FREE SETUP of your choice of a content management system (Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal). Webmaster services are available too. Contact us for additional information, questions, or details.


$35.00 per hour for clubs. $45.00 business or individuals.

$99.00* Move an existing site from one location (host or dns) to another.

Most sites can be moved for $99.00. Ask us for a quote.


$119.95 Full year of sub-domain hosting and 3 hours of editing time per year.

$239.95 Full year of full-domain hosting and 3 hours of editing time per year.

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