Poultry Show Manager


The Poultry Show Manager application is designed specifically for poultry shows to assist the poultry show secretary, superintendent, and staff with the preparation and record keeping of a poultry show. This application saves time and helps with organization of entries, coop tags, judging, and results of the show. Even when your show is perfectly organized this software can help.

The Poultry Show Manager is a show management system that is here to assist with all aspects of the show from the entry of exhibits, show room set up to the final record keeping of the show.

All data is stored and backed up online twice daily, and can be accessed on any computer using your own user name and password. Data is backed up daily. Information can be edited from any web browser you log in to. Show registration and exhibits can be entered by one person or a group at the same time.

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Purchase 1 Year Subscription: $75.00
Purchases made before 12/31/2014 will receive a free Online Entry System
Show Options

Price for 1 Year Subscription Period includes 1 show.
Each additional show during the subscription period is $25.00.
Data is always available for viewing, even with expired subscription.

System Requirements

  • A computer, tablet, or other mobile device with Internet access.
  • Web Browser -- Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc...


  • Instant Access, No Download or Installation Necessary
  • Daily Backups
  • Easy to use.
  • Exhibitors
    • Store Exhibitors from year to year.
    • Print mailing labels from prior year's exhibitors.
    • Exhibitor's automatically transfered to associated reports.
    • Phone or email Exhibitor's Confirmations
  • Exhibits
    • Easy entry, point and click, up to date APA & ABA recognized breeds.
    • Color coding of size classes.
    • Supports Trios and Displays.
  • Results
    • Optional entry of show results.
    • Permanent electronic records.
  • Reports
    • Coop Tags -- Presorted tags that are in order and ready to hang, sorted by APA/ABA standards in about 30 seconds
    • Judging Sheets -- Presorted and prefilled with counts, exhibits and exhibitor numbers, in order and ready to use, sorted by APA/ABA standards in about 30 seconds
    • Census Reports -- Summary totals of all birds and number of exhibitors grouped by: Variety, Breed, Size, Class, and Show. Great for set up of the show room or determining prizes based amount shown.
  • Free Support
  • Free and Automatic updates -- No download necessary!
  • Online Help

poultry show exhibitors screen